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There is definitely a time and a place for traditional 2D line drawings and we discuss this topic in our blog: 2D v 3D drawings for house extensions. So, we’re going to write this short article on the premise that you have already considered whether line drawings alone will satisfy the requirements for your new extension and that you are now curious as to the benefits to be gained from Ecclesall Design’s 3D architectural design drawing service.

The first thing to mention is that it is a completely different software package that we use for the 3D computer modelling drawings, and this enables more sophisticated images to be produced. As we painstakingly build a ‘model’ of your own house, garage and garden and also a model of surrounding properties and nearby roads, the software allows us to provide internal cross sections and external images from any viewpoint we choose.

This enables us to produce illustrations showing how the Ecclesall Design creative design team has considered the possibility of, for example, overlooking or overbearing neighbouring properties and clearly illustrates the measures we introduce to overcome the challenges. Differences in ground level can be demonstrated via cross sections to show the relative floor levels, window or eaves heights in your and adjacent properties as well as to show the head height (floor to ceiling measurement) of internal layouts proposed within your own home. This is especially useful for complex loft or basement conversions so expectations can be managed and alternative designs proposed if necessary.

Not everyone is accustomed to reading technical or architectural drawings and we know a number of our clients choose the 3D computer modelling service not because their new extension design is expected to be particularly complex or innovative, but rather because they consider a relatively small financial oncost to be a price worth paying for the confidence of knowing they fully understand the drawings. As a proportion of the final project budget the difference in price is very small, yet the benefits can be massive.

With 2D line drawings, a single line can mean anything from a gutter to a parapet wall, from a rainwater downpipe to the corner of an extension or a change from brickwork to render. Ecclesall Design’s 3D full architectural design drawings give an amazing prediction of how the new building work will look once it’s finished and enable properly-informed decision making at every stage.

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Your neighbours and the planning officer who considers your planning application will understand precisely what you intend to build which makes it easy to grant permission as there is no room for doubt. Your neighbour will be able to see from the cross sections or other diagrams we supply that we have conscientiously adhered to, for example, the 25° or 45° Rule to ensure their ‘right to light’ is maintained or that they are not overlooked by any of your new windows.

Every builder you ask to quote will understand exactly what you expect him to build so he will be able to quote accurately, rather than having to build in extra cost as he’s not quite sure exactly what is meant by the 2D line drawings and doesn’t have time to stop and ask the architect for clarification.

Once building work starts, there should be no misunderstandings as both you and your builder know exactly what you expect. We’ve seen finished projects in the past that looked slightly different from how they were designed, and when we asked the householder if they’d had a change of mind the answer was that apparently the builder had quoted for a cheaper option as he had misinterpreted the drawings, and by the time the mistake was realised it was too late to do anything. 3D architectural design drawings prevent such ‘misunderstandings’ as they make it very clear exactly what is anticipated for the finished job.

Our colourful drawings make it possible to evaluate different finishing materials and architectural styles. Whether you like all of the ideas or not doesn’t matter too much in the early stages – eliminating what you don’t like allows you to focus on exactly what you do like, and then we work with you to develop that concept further until it turns into precisely what you had always hoped for (but hadn’t know how to describe).

We take care to blend the existing building with the new, whether you prefer a contemporary approach or like a traditional appearance to be preserved – especially from the front – we work with you to produce exactly the result you hoped for. The intended effect can be easily viewed with the 3D drawings.

A relatively small additional cost to choose 3D computer modelling drawings rather than traditional line drawings could save an expensive mistake or misunderstanding further down the line, and it certainly buys peace of mind from the very beginning of the project. Saying that, a good builder and high quality 2D traditional line drawings are often exactly what is needed for a relatively straightforward project for homeowners who are comfortable reading architectural drawings.

We hope this blog has helped to explain some of the benefits of our 3D architectural design drawings but we look forward to hearing from you if there is anything else you would like us to discuss.

Why are 3D architectural design drawings more beneficial to your poject

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Ecclesall Design has 100% success rate in achieving planning permission for our residential clients. That means potential clients can choose us with confidence, knowing that we really are experts in this field. We have never had a planning application for a residential project refused.

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