What are the must-have features for a charming country kitchen extension? Our top 9 recommendations

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Nothing beats the charm of a traditional country style kitchen. If you are dreaming about having a new country kitchen extension added to your home, look no further!

For this article, we collaborated with expert kitchen maker and owner of Up North Cabinet Makers, Luke Wawrzyniak, to share his insights about what it is that makes for a true country kitchen.

Luke has a world of experience in making bespoke kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Here, he shares with you the 9 must-have features for a charming country kitchen extension. Let’s dive in!


Kitchen features recommendation


  1. Shaker style cabinetry

“If you intend to have a country kitchen extension in your home, shaker style cabinetry is a smart design choice,” says Luke. Not only are shaker cabinets simple and functional, they have also stood the test of time when it comes to country style kitchen interiors.

At Up North Cabinet Makers, Luke manufactures all kitchen cabinets inhouse: “For us, owning the entire production chain ensures that we maintain the highest quality and craftsmanship in our country kitchen cabinets.”

All this, along with their built-in appliances, clean lines and minimalist presentation, makes shaker kitchens a natural, organic choice for country kitchen extensions.


  1. Stone flooring

Stone floors are a quintessential feature of traditional country style kitchens, shares Luke, “but you have to do it right.”

Natural stone comes in a wide array of colours and sits beautifully within a country kitchen decor. It is also highly durable, making it an ideal choice for bustling family households.

However, Luke says that you must make sure that the installation of your country kitchen’s stone floors is done to a very high standard: “Botched installation can compromise the health of your kitchen floors, causing heartache and unnecessary expenses down the line. So make sure that you do it right the first time!”


  1. Traditional taps

When it comes to country kitchen extensions, vintage style taps are an absolute must-have element. Luke says that they bring an authentic rustic flair to any kitchen that cannot be replicated in any other way.

Modern vintage-style taps offer a variety of elegant colours, detail and finishes to suit different tastes. For example, ceramic and brass taps are very popular in modern country kitchen extensions. These taps beautifully blend functionality with a charming old-world appeal, completing the cosy ambiance of country-style kitchens.


  1. Natural countertop materials

Countertops play a key role in making for a successful country kitchen extension. “You must choose the right countertops to pull the country kitchen vibe off effectively,” says Luke. The focus should mainly be on natural materials.

Luke’s favourite are solid surface worktops because they effortlessly bring rustic charm and warmth to country kitchens. Other materials such as slate are not only durable but also resistant to bacteria, offering the perfect surface for food preparation.

Modern country kitchen extensions also play around with granite for its natural beauty and durability, as well as marble, for its elegant patterns and timeless appeal.


  1. Traditional light fixtures

A country kitchen extension requires the right choice of light fixtures. Vintage-style wall sconces and ceiling lights are perfect for creating a cosy ambience while retaining the essence of country charm. You can also choose from a variety of finishes, including rustic metallic hues, for that authentic country style.

Luke suggests paying careful attention to why you are using a particular type of light fixture. For example, task lights will be different from ambience lights.

“It is a good idea to map out your lighting zones early on in your project, especially if you have an open-plan space,” he says. This will help you install the right wiring in the proper places around the kitchen. A lighting plan will ensure that your country kitchen extension is illuminated with lights that are not only beautiful but functional too.


  1. A welcoming dining zone

Country kitchen dining is all about celebrating the joy of togetherness. Because of this, a large welcoming dining area is a key feature of country kitchen extensions.

You can incorporate a permanent dining area in your country kitchen by having it custom built alongside the cabinetry. Alternatively, you could invest in a rustic farmhouse dining table that is a bit more portable.

“Don’t worry about the table being pristine and perfect,” recommends Luke. The dings and patina on the table will add character and charm to the table, which is what country kitchen dining is all about!


  1. Feature splashback tiles

Using decorative splashback tiles is a great way to bring colour and warmth to your modern country kitchen extension.

“Tiles are not just there for the aesthetics, they’re also low maintenance and super-easy to clean,” shares Luke. Besides, you can create any number of designs, from a simple monochrome scheme to intricate motifs and mosaics. The options really are endless.

So if you want to bring that extra measure of oomph and personality to your country kitchen extension while complimenting the rustic ambiance effortlessly, feature splashback tiles are the answer!


  1. A larder cupboard

Larder cabinets are great for increasing the storage in your farmhouse kitchen extension while keeping in line with the overall aesthetic. Incorporating design elements from your decor, such as shaker style cabinetry and rustic fixtures, larders really are the true workhorses of modern country kitchens.

You can use a larder not just to store food but also small appliances within easy reach. “As bespoke kitchen makers, we can even incorporate hidden breakfast stations and hot drinks stations within your larder cupboard to maximise its functionality while hiding away visual clutter,” says Luke.

So if you are in the planning stages of your country kitchen, don’t forget to incorporate a larder cupboard into your plans!


  1. Rustic drawer pulls and fittings

Building an overall country kitchen aesthetic in your new kitchen extension means that you must pay attention to the details. This means looking into small design elements such as your drawer pulls and handles.

Country kitchens are all about offering warmth and comfort through well-loved and well-used materials. You can easily emulate this feeling by using rustic fixtures and fittings on your cupboard doors.

Drawer pulls, door knobs and handles with a vintage, aged feel go a long way in delivering the overall design aesthetic of a country kitchen. So don’t be afraid to go for rustic detail elements in your country kitchen extension!


Kitchen features recommendation


Some parting thoughts for designing your dream country kitchen extension

A truly charming country kitchen extension encompasses several key elements. Each element contributes to the authentic, rustic ambiance that celebrates farmhouse living every day.

By carefully selecting and incorporating these features, you can effortlessly bring the warm and inviting country living aesthetic into your home, transforming your kitchen into a delightful haven of rustic farmhouse charm and culinary enjoyment.


Kitchen features recommendation

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