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Ecclesall Design is a Sheffield based architectural services company with many years of experience working on residential and commercial projects not only in our hometown of Sheffield but across the local region and beyond. We offer a professional and personable service that will turn your ideas and expectations into creative and functional architectural design drawings, accompanied by planning permission and approved building regulation details. Starting any building or development project can feel overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to begin, but we very much welcome you to contact us and discuss how we could get things moving!

We have a 100% success rate in achieving planning consent for our residential clients. This is an outstanding achievement to be proud about and we are keen to maintain it, whether you live in Sheffield itself or in any of the surrounding districts and counties. Our exceptional record means you can trust Ecclesall Design to deliver results and move your project forward with success. We are focused on steering your project through the planning process and in finding the best technical solutions while keeping you, our client, updated and informed. Having a great working relationship with the Sheffield Planning Authority and Sheffield Building Control allows us to respond to all the challenges and questions that may arise along the way – and of course we also enjoy great relationships with other local authorities that we have worked work with over many years.

Every project is different due to its unique location, surrounding context and project brief. The design team at Ecclesall Design is committed to providing bespoke solutions for your project using our knowledge, creativity, and years of experience in the industry whether it is in Sheffield or further afield. In our work we do not use template designs and each of our project is designed from scratch to ensure it best addresses every client’s needs and the specific setting of each particular property. By engaging Ecclesall Design you can be sure that your project will receive our full attention on an individual basis to deliver the best results to meet your needs and expectations. Our guarantee to you is that we keep working with you through rounds of amendments until you are 100% happy with the architectural designs before we submit your drawings for planning permission (or for a Lawful Development Certificate, if permitted development) all within the original fixed fee.


Architectural Services in Sheffield

We provide architectural services for residential and commercial projects in Sheffield and the surrounding areas where our set of skills and experience can be used to create well thought through designs to receive the necessary permissions and approvals. Our offer is focused on providing an overarching service that includes architectural design, project coordination, planning application management and building regulation details with Building Control approval. Our fixed fee covers every element of our service, from the moment you first approach us until the day comes when your project has finally been constructed. Leading the project from your initial idea through to the approved design and beyond makes the whole process much less stressful and confusing for our clients and we will coordinate with your structural engineer (we can recommend suitable professionals), energy assessor (required if your project has a lot of new glazing) and with your builder. The set of services we provide not only ensures a great design outcome, but also gives a much more enjoyable customer experience as we are available to deal with any difficulty or uncertainty you may experience along the way.

Throughout our years in the architectural sector we have designed projects in all parts of Sheffield as well as in Chesterfield, Dronfield, the Peak District and other surrounding areas including Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham and further north. We are most specialised in small to medium sized residential projects – from plans for small extensions within the framework of permitted development or layout drawings for internal remodelling, to innovative new build houses in tricky locations and even larger developments for multiple new homes. We have experience in commercial and industrial projects too and we welcome the opportunity to explore new challenges and ideas working together with our keen clients. Ecclesall Design also has experience working in conjunction with other professionals such as civil engineers in more unusual projects requiring architectural drawings and/or planning permission, such as horse-riding arenas, civil engineering works, commercial outdoor seating areas, advertisement displays etc and licencing applications.

Whatever development project you may have on your mind, large or small, the best start is to contact us. We will explore the ways your ideas can be realised and discuss how Ecclesall Design could contribute to making it happen. We carefully consider each opportunity in detail and then provide a fixed fee quote based on our experience of managing similar projects in order to allow you, as a prospective client, to proceed knowing you can safely budget for the cost of the architectural design and building regulations elements. Our ongoing supportive and knowledgeable presence throughout the lifetime of the project is something we know is very much appreciated by our clients as we can always be turned to for helpful and sound, practical advice even once planning permission is received and the project moves onto its next stage.


Residential Projects In Sheffield

House extensions is the most popular type of project that crosses our path. Sheffield has a great variety of housing types and even a property that felt generously proportioned on the day you moved in can become rather tight when trying to fit in a modern lifestyle, growing family or a new routine of working from home. The creative team at Ecclesall Design will be able to recommend which of our service packages is the most suitable for your unique project. If you’re planning a small extension to match in with the existing house or are focused on exploring the best ways to use or re-organise the space that you have already, then our traditional 2D drawing service is the most cost-effective way to go and will provide exactly the drawings that you need. However, if you’re planning multiple extensions and quite a major change to the appearance of your home or perhaps a renovation modernising the character of your property then our 3D service is well worth it – it allows the exploration of aesthetic design options, will enable you to visualise and appreciate the new changes and understand the design proposals in the context of the neighbouring properties. Our detailed service proposal – our quote document – is a great source of information and advice about this process and the steps ahead so please do ask us for a quotation for your project so you can see exactly how our service would work for you.

A new build house whether in Sheffield or further afield is an exciting opportunity to create your dream home on a fresh plot of land or alternatively to earn a substantial return on your capital investment by placing a new dwelling in a part of your large sized garden, if the planning conditions can be met, or perhaps as part of a brand-new redevelopment scheme with a number of new build houses. This is an exciting time both for you and for our team since new build houses, unlike extensions, will not have an original property – a main house – to relate to, although they will probably have neighbouring properties to be taken into account. The fact that we are not attaching an extension to an existing house does bring much more flexibility to the potential creative design solutions and the associated effective use of the land. Some sites have more development potential than others, depending on whether it would be classed as infill, backland, brownfield or greenfield development. We would recommend getting in touch with our Ecclesall Design team to explore the opportunities on your property. This is particularly advised before making the decision to purchase new land for a development as not every plot offered for sale ‘with potential subject to planning permission’ is capable of achieving that permission. Ecclesall Design also has experience in multiple housing developments in Sheffield and surrounding areas with professional developers, property development enthusiasts and landlords. Land development is an exciting and at the same time challenging endeavour, and we are always happy to explore how Ecclesall Design can assist you along the way to bring the best return to your investment and perhaps the joy of an innovative individually designed family home.

Architectural Survey House Extension
Architectural Insight House Extension Design

Commercial Projects In Sheffield

Building conversion is another type of popular project in Sheffield and the local area, creating new accommodation by converting a building into residential units or re-designing an existing  property’s layout to facilitate a more profitable use of space. Sheffield has an ever-growing demand for small scale residential accommodation due to the large student and young professional population, which can provide great opportunities for developers and investors. Ecclesall Design has experience in working with landlords to convert buildings into separate apartments or into HMOs. In these cases, our expertise in Building Regulations and creative ability to find the most efficient use of available space can greatly contribute to the quality of such projects. If you are planning a conversion project for a property you are about to buy, we would strongly recommend getting in touch with Ecclesall Design first to identify the potential and limitations of the site that may affect your decision making.

Ecclesall Design offers architectural services to commercial and industrial clients both within Sheffield and the wider locality, ranging from drawings and planning applications for advertisements, fencing, access roads and licensing applications to architectural design and planning permission for new buildings, conversions, or extensions to your commercial or industrial premises. Our experience and knowledge of planning guidelines and the building regulations as well as a wide circle of professional contacts makes us extremely versatile and invaluable in addressing the specific needs of your business. Planning requirements for commercial properties are substantially different from the residential ones. Depending on the type of your project, planning authorities may require different reports and surveys. Ecclesall Design is always pleased to work with our commercial clients and provide advice regarding the optimum path forward to achieve the required permissions for your business.

Why Use Our Architectural Services?

The creative team at Ecclesall Design shares a great experience in the industry and brings together different points of view to make sure that your project has thoughtful and practical design outcomes, informed by our knowledge of planning guidelines and building regulations. This means that our designs are capable of obtaining planning permission and building regulations approval as well as being innovative and inventive with the use of available space.

Our team is passionate about their work and is prepared to go any extra steps necessary to ensure the quality of our designs and the best use of your resources whilst foreseeing challenges ahead. Our first consultation and survey meeting is the time when we sit down with our new clients to take their brief and talk about exactly what they hope to achieve from the project and this may include personal requirements such as perhaps a shower room/wc and utility room close to the back door to accommodate muddy dogs, sporty children or running, hiking or cycling adults. Others may require a music room, a golf-swing room, or a quiet study room or home office/s, or even a kitchen capable of being shut off from the rest of the home due to an aversion to cooking smells permeating through the rest of the house. A thorough site survey of your property is carried out on this day in order to give us a good understanding of the parameters of your home or site as well as its relationship to the neighbouring properties, and on occasions we may suggest a topographical survey if an accurate GPS survey would assist. Sheffield is well known for its landscape of hills and valleys and we are accustomed to seeking creative solutions for how to accommodate ground-level changes of your property into our designs.

We present a range of inspirational design options at the second consultation/presentation meeting, starting off with layout ideas our clients might have mentioned at the beginning and then moving onto new ideas of our own. We find it useful to consider the layout configurations that can be shown to not work particularly well as it allows those possibilities to be taken off the table for ever more, and after this we take the time to discuss in detail with the homeowners those options that show a fantastic use of space that perhaps had not been considered previously. After the presentation meeting we welcome our clients taking as much time as they need to consider the many options we will have talked through with them during our meeting, and then we make whatever revisions are required until between us we arrive at the optimum solution. The final choices are truly the best as they are based on properly informed consideration of a wide range of options and will often vary, sometimes quite significantly, from the outcome envisaged at the start of the project.

Our exceptional customer service is one of the most significant differences between Ecclesall Design and our competitors whether they are based locally in Sheffield or are further away. Unlike some architects who are inclined to charge by the hour for revisions, we at Ecclesall Design keep on modifying and fine tuning the architectural design drawings until you are 100% happy with the results as part of the fixed fee you agree at the outset. Whilst our service is intentionally tailored to steer the project painlessly through the planning and building control process, we keep our clients well informed and in the loop of the latest news on the process. This allows us to shield you from the stress that is inevitable with any development project but at the same time enables you to feel in control and in full knowledge and understanding of its progress. We also believe that the fact that our service lasts from the moment of first enquiry until your project is finally built and completed distinguishes us from other architectural practices – our fixed fee covers our professional attention and support to you throughout the lifetime of the project.

And lastly, but most importantly, our unbeatable 100% success record in achieving planning permission for our residential clients and our numerous customer reviews are the best proof of the quality of our service and the results that we deliver. We proudly advise you to check out our project portfolio page and look through the reviews on various pages such as Google, Yell and Houzz, received from highly pleased local clients in Sheffield as well from the wider area we cover. It demonstrates the long record of exceptional quality service that we provide to all our clients – including you, as perhaps a prospective client seeking to make the right decision.

Architectural Drawing Presentation Meeting
Sheffield Architect, Drawings For Property Extension

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See our 3D portfolio brochure for project examples, ideas and insights into our architectural design

Start Your Project By Contacting Us

Ecclesall Design offers outstanding architectural services for your project that are far more than just pretty drawings. We will turn a daunting prospect into a managed step by step process where you can be sure that your project is in good hands. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will build on your ideas and enrich them with creative solutions and different points of view, resulting in a high-quality and well thought through design that will obtain planning permission and building regulation approval. We make sure our designs are capable of being built – after all, that is what you want and why we bring value to your project.

Years of experience in our industry enables us to share our circle of professionals whether from Sheffield or from surrounding towns and cities that may be required to contribute to your project, such as topographical surveyors, planning consultants, structural engineers, energy performance assessors, heritage specialists, ground investigators and party wall surveyors. We have worked with these professionals before and being able to share their contact details with you can help to save your time and ensure smooth cooperation between all parties involved.

Finding a builder is often a challenging task but our experience in the construction industry in Sheffield allows us to give you some handy hints on how to find, choose and check out the potential builders, what questions to ask and what to pay attention to. We appreciate that finding the right builder can be challenging and living through the construction process is stressful too. That is why Ecclesall Design is always available to provide assistance, advice and clarification until your building work is completed. This includes alterations to the project drawings in order to get the right building cost as well as design changes due to the circumstances or findings on site – we will work with you and your builder to make sure your project is finished successfully.

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