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A success record of 100% in obtaining planning permission for our residential clients certainly instils confidence but it’s not the only reason Ecclesall Design should be your first choice for architectural drawings and design services.

We offer creative and professional architectural drawings for a wide portfolio of services including designs for house extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions, garage conversions, new build houses and commercial property.

We also provide specification details and technical drawings for building regulations, either following on from the architectural drawing, design and planning service for existing clients or as a stand-alone arrangement.

We’re here at every step of the process to take the stress away and to ensure a smooth pathway until your project reaches its successful completion.

Architectural Drawings for House Extensions

The creative team at Ecclesall Design specialises in house extensions and we have provided home owners with drawings for literally hundreds of house extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions and basements conversions over the years.

Some projects need planning permission; others are permitted development. We are able to provide professional advice once we know the scale and appearance of the desired extension or project.

We work closely together with our clients to draw up the design brief. Once this is established we carry out a careful survey of the entire property and then create a range of inspirational options to present during a dedicated presentation and second consultation meeting with examples to illustrate the key architectural design features and concepts. Amendments to the architectural drawings following the presentation meeting are made with no additional charge – we want our clients to be happy with what they choose.

We work across the whole of Yorkshire and Derbyshire and can go further afield. If you’re thinking of a house extension, a new build house or commercial property development then please give us a ring; we’d love to hear from you and to chat about what our architectural drawings and design can do for your project. 

Architectural Drawings for Building A New House

Our team has successfully designed new build houses in conservation areas, infill and backland sites as well as residential gardens.

We design new build houses for a range of clients: self-build customers who want to construct a dream home for themselves and their family; small investors planning a long-term rental investment property and experienced house builders looking to maximise their return on investment (ROI) with professional and efficient land use.

Our experience and architectural drawings cover property development projects too. An estate development we designed recently for 13 luxury 4- and 5-bedroomed executive detached houses was recently completed, with virtually every house sold off plan within less than a month of being on the market. Read more about Developer Services.

Once the site is evaluated we will give advice regarding the other professionals whose input will be required, such as a topographical surveyor, a tree expert or drainage engineer. We negotiate with planning on your behalf and establish the principal of development on contentious sites by agreeing creative solutions.

Our architectural drawings and designs aim at all times to contribute positively to the local character. We encourage clients to consider sustainable materials and technologies to make your house more eco-friendly.

Let us design your ideal house especially for you. Get in touch for free, friendly advice now.

Sheffield Architectural Drawings
Alterations To External Property Appearance Ecclesall Design

Change of Use and Old Buildings

Change in the economic climate or individual circumstances can require buildings to be converted from commercial use to residential units. It is possible to convert various shops, offices, light industrial and agricultural units to C3 (residential dwelling) without full planning permission although prior approval has to be granted by the local planning authority. It is only the change of use that is permitted, not the conversion itself – if the external appearance alters in any way, you could still require planning permission.

The aim of our architectural drawings is always to preserve original buildings rather than replace them with lookalike substitutes or well-intended copies. We believe, in certain circumstances, that ‘old is good’ because new development often destroys the authentic character. Workshops and old farm buildings converted into residential buildings deserve inspirational solutions in order to create beautiful new living spaces.

Some characteristics of a building’s history are assets to preserve even though the use is changing; the conversion process needs to be thoughtfully undertaken to attain challenging building regulation standards. Transforming existing structures can be more sustainable and eco-friendlier than creating new buildings from scratch using all modern materials and processes.

Every old building is different and needs its own unique approach; we’re ready to work with you to provide the ideal solution.

Architectural Drawings for Commercial Buildings

Ecclesall Design’s approachable team will be happy to propose some ideas to help you with whichever architectural drawing service you require. We provide creative designs for shops, showrooms, schools, residential homes, offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs and other industrial and commercial premises as well as accurate scaled floor plans for licencing and insurance purposes.

The right contractor will usually expect to provide their own project management and we will gladly provide all the information they need to ensure everything runs smoothly from the start. Our hands-on experience in construction site management enables us to communicate effectively and knowledgeably with contractors, other professionals, site managers and site workers to get everyone pulling together for the good of the finished project.

Successful architectural designs for commercial properties need to balance the needs of a profit-making business with the potential restrictions of its surroundings and we provide thoughtful and creative ideas that take into account both aspects. Shop front properties, for example, need visual appeal to be attractive and welcoming to customers whilst at the same time maintaining aesthetic consideration for the general street scene and neighbouring properties.

To read more about how we can help you with your commercial property, please visit our Commercial Architecture page or call us now for advice.

Public Buildings Architectural Services Ecclesall Design
Modern New Build House in Sheffield Nether Edge Area

Planning Permission for Exterior Alterations

Proposed work that materially changes the outward appearance of property needs planning permission unless it is permitted development. The following projects may well require planning permission due to their impact on the external appearance of the property: canopies, walls, widened driveways, lightwells, signs, high fences.

Although the project might seem minimal, if it is not permitted development and is going to alter the external appearance of the property, it is probable that elevation drawings will be needed in order to obtain planning permission as well as floor plans due to the requirement to show the local planning authority the existing and proposed situation.

We manage your project and take it through the Planning system on your behalf as part of our architectural drawings service package. Call us now to find out more.

Building Regulations and Project Management

Once the architectural design drawings are finalised and any required planning permission granted, it is time to move onto providing technical section drawings and material/process specifications to meet current building regulations. These, along with the structural engineer’s calculations, will be passed to Building Control for checking and approval.

Building regulation details and technical section drawings are provided as a follow up to our architectural design package. We also provide building regulation drawings and details as a stand-alone service.

As we have said above, a good contractor would expect to provide project management of their own services. Ecclesall Design’s role is to support the contractor by supplying the approved architectural drawings and building regulations needed for the work, and we are always available to come to site to assist our client and the builders in ironing out any issues or misunderstanding that might arise between them.

Our view on offering a project management service is that if the right contractor is chosen in the first place, a project management service is not required and thus the cost cannot be justified. We always recommend that our clients carry out due diligence on potential contractors, taking recommendations from trusted friends and family and arranging to see previous work.

Modern New Build House in Sheffield Nether Edge Area

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We’re here at every step of the process to take the stress away and to assist in ensuring a smooth pathway until your project reaches its successful completion.

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