Why do people pay more for Ecclesall Design’s unrivalled 3D full colour computer modelling drawings?

In this blog post we look in detail at the comparison between 2D and 3D architectural drawings. We believe you should you get what you pay for in life, and our 3D full colour computer modelling drawings certainly deliver the goods. You can contrast the different considerations to be made when deciding between 2D and 3D architectural drawings for you project here.

Completed house extension project in the Greenhill conservation area

One of the most rewarding moments for our Ecclesall Design team is to see successfully completed projects, this simple yet beautiful stone built detached house at Greenhill with a rich history has been completed with a tasteful contemporary double storey house extension. You can read all about our latest project here.

Planning to develop on a greenfield (previously undeveloped) site

Do you want to develop on a greenfield (previously undeveloped) site but aren't sure of the process? Perhaps you have a plot of land that’s been in the family for a number of years, or you’ve seen a piece of land that you would like to buy at auction. Before you take the idea to develop on a greenfield site further, this post will guide you through the process, benefiting from our years of first hand expertise in this field to show the different complexities and potential pitfalls associated with developing on a greenfield site.

Frequently asked questions about architectural design services

Have you considered using architectural design services for your house extension or new build house project but have some questions beforehand? Here we have detailed answers to some FAQs, including; 3D vs. 2D architectural drawings, topographical surveys and budgeting for professional architectural drawing fees and building regulation details.

A useful guide when considering a house extension for your new property

A useful guide for those considering adding a house extension to their property with details covering; front, rear, side, basement/loft conversions and other house extension types. This post details different considerations to be aware of when looking for a future property to extend.

Amici & Bici cafe double-storey extension

Amici & Bici, probably Sheffield’s best Italian cafe and restaurant, needed room to expand so they asked us to provide the building extension plans and architectural drawings for their double storey café expansion project.

Extensions from Ecclesall Design

House Extensions from Ecclesall Design Extending your home is a great idea when you adore the area, your kids go to amazing schools and the neighbours are lovely but you just

Planning and Building Regulations – compliant and certified work saves hassle later.

Compliant Planning and Building Regulations

Sheffield Great Deer Park – remains of medieval boundary walls at Manor Top

How many of today’s park walls will be standing in 500 years? Sheffield’s Great Deer Park can still be identified by remnants of original walling, if you know where to