Completed house extension project in the Greenhill conservation area

Conservation area house extension

One of the most rewarding moments for our Ecclesall Design team is to see successfully completed projects, this time we have an exciting opportunity to share one of them with you!

It is a simple yet beautiful stone built detached house at Greenhill with a rich history, built around two centuries ago as a post office and subsequently converted to a family home. As time goes it is inevitable that any house needs to be repaired, renovated, and adapted to the contemporary lifestyle and due to its age, this house is likely to have seen quite a few previous renovations. However, this time it was our turn and Ecclesall Design had an opportunity to rise to this challenge.

Thick stone walls, low ceiling height with visible timber beams and original fireplaces are only some of the many features creating this cosy atmosphere filled with memories of the past. To preserve and celebrate the unique character of this building was one of the main aims of the project. To add to the challenge, the property is also located in conservation area, which demands particular care and attention to the proposed design solutions.

The brief of our project consisted of a double storey side extension, single storey kitchen rear extension and refurbishment of the original building.

Double storey extension on the side provides additional accommodation upstairs as well as downstairs. Also, it has created a new main entrance at the front corner of the house leaving the rear (where the entrance was previously located) more private. Large garden has always been one of the main great features of this property and making it more private allows to make the best use of it. To add to the use of garden this project includes single storey kitchen extension constructed using oak frame and plenty of glass. This not only allows it to appear more like a light structure but also provides beautiful views of the garden to be enjoyed from the kitchen.


As with many old houses, lack of natural light can be an issue. That is why trying to bring more natural light to the indoors was another important task. To achieve this the design includes a lantern roof window above the kitchen island and the kitchen extension is joined with internal rooms via a structural opening. This solution allows not only to enjoy plenty of light in the extension but also add more light to the original parts of the house.

All these ideas and the vision of the final result could not be achieved without a skilful team of professionals involved in this project. The building work was carried out by Scott Smith and his team from Urban Construction & Conservation. The kitchen designed and supplied by DIY Kitchens. Many thanks to them and we highly recommend our followers to check them out. This project is a great testimony of their work.

This property is now on the market listed by Redbrik estate agents. You can find more information about this on Rightmove.

We hope our post gave a quick glimpse of this truly outstanding family home. There is so much history about it and yet it now offers all the appropriate features necessary for a contemporary lifestyle. The house has a beautiful large garden and an opportunity to enjoy it from indoors and a kitchen full of natural light. All this, and much more achieved, while preserving the original character of the property and maintaining a respectful approach to the surrounding conservation area. This project has inspired us, and we hope it will inspire you too.

You can see the full range of pictures form this project by clicking on our portfolio page.

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