Development Opportunities

Architectural Design and Property Development Opportunities

Clients approach us with development opportunities and challenges almost every week. Sometimes it is a large garden that seems ripe for redevelopment via the construction of another house, other times it could be a plot of land someone owns or is considering buying at auction which they are keen on researching to establish the principle of development. We can help with these questions.

Sheffield Architectural Drawings
Sheffield Architectural Drawings

Residential Property Development Opportunities

If your garden seems somewhat generous and several people in the neighbourhood have successfully built a new property in their former grounds, it is tempting to consider whether your own property would be suitable. We can help you with the planning issues here.

You may have a plot of land that’s been in the family for a number of years, or you’ve seen a ‘bargain’ that you’d like to snap up at auction. Before you make any decisions, come to us for advice. We will help you to establish whether a planning application would meet with the support of the Local Planning Authority, before you invest too much money in the project. We work with a team of independent professionals who each have their part to play in making sure that your proposal is feasible.

Commercial Property Development Opportunities

We have carried out a number of projects for commercial clients who have, for example, identified that they are no longer receiving profitable rent or income from traditionally-industrial buildings. We can help to evaluate the situation, to see if it would be feasible to redevelop the site for alternative, more-profitable commercial premises or even, possibly, redevelop with residential units.

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