Why do people pay more for Ecclesall Design’s unrivalled 3D full colour drawings?

Our unrivalled 3D full colour architectural design drawings

Well, we believe you should you get what you pay for in life, and our 3D full colour computer modelling drawings certainly deliver the goods. We’re not the cheapest, and we don’t set out to be because it takes time to provide the service we do for discerning homeowners who require the optimum result.

There are so many benefits to choosing Ecclesall Design’s 3D full colour computer modelling drawings in preference to traditional (old fashioned) 2D line drawings. For example, you will understand exactly what the drawings show because it’s easy to see at a glance what is being proposed. With 2D line drawings, a single line can mean anything from a gutter to a parapet wall, from a rainwater downpipe to the corner of an extension. Ecclesall Design’s 3D full colour computer modelling drawings give an amazing prediction of how the new building work will look once it’s finished.

Your neighbours and the planning officer who considers your planning application will understand precisely what you intend to build which makes it easy to grant permission as there is no room for doubt. Every builder you ask to quote will understand exactly what you expect him to build so he will be able to quote accurately, rather than having to build in extra cost as he’s not quite sure if the 2D line drawings are a little unclear.

Once building work starts, there should be no misunderstandings as both you and your builder know exactly what you expect. We’ve seen finished projects in the past that looked slightly different from how they were designed, and when we asked the householder if they’d had a change of mind the answer was that apparently the builder had quoted for a cheaper option as he had misinterpreted the drawings, and by the time the mistake was realised it was too late to do anything. 3D full colour computer modelling drawings prevent such ‘misunderstandings’ as they make it very clear exactly what was anticipated for the finished job.

Ecclesall Design has 100% success rate in achieving planning permission for extensions. That means potential clients can choose us with confidence, knowing that we really are experts in this field. We have never had a planning application for an extension refused!

So, what’s the secret behind our architectural design drawings success?

Well, first of all, we take accurate measurements and photographs during the initial survey meeting, and we take the time to really listen to what our clients hope to achieve from their exciting new project. Every client brief is different. Some are young couples looking to a future so need a nursery/child’s bedroom near to the master bedroom. Others might have an older family, and the idea of a teenage suite in the attic is exactly what they’re looking for.

Perhaps you are keen runners, active cyclists or have muddy dogs, and would love a shower room near the back door so you can throw wet clothes in the utility room and emerge fresh and clean from a shower before heading into the rest of the house. Maybe your household is about to become multi-generational, and granny needs her own private space to entertain friends whilst still being part of your household.

Or how about plenty of space for entertaining family and friends with a downstairs snug for quiet intimate chats and a lovely ensuite and perhaps a dressing room off the new master bedroom upstairs?

If what you are looking for is more creativity, more thought – and more options to choose from – that’s where Ecclesall Design really shines.

It takes us a quite a while to re-create your existing property in 3D set within the context of neighbouring properties which is what needs to happen so you and the planning officer, as well as your neighbours, can see at a glance exactly how we propose the appearance of your house will change, depending which of the various options you choose. Once we have drawn up the set of ‘existing’ 3D full colour computer modelling drawings, that’s when the fun really starts.

By the time we arrive at the presentation meeting (around 4-6 weeks after the survey visit) we will have prepared a range of exciting ‘proposed’ options for you, all designed exactly for you and your requirements. We generally start off the presentation with the least intrusive option which will usually be the cheapest to build, but you can be assured that all the drawings we show you will meet your brief. As we work through the presentation we will present to you other options we have come up with that are designed to stretch your imagination and show what’s possible whilst still being practical and cost-effective.

After the presentation meeting we leave you with the drawings and you then take all the time you need to consider the various options. You can pick n mix between the aspects you like best from the different ideas, and that’s what clients usually do. We suggest you take the design that is closest to your chosen ideal and mark on the drawings, make notes, add comments, and perhaps even send us a link to something that’s taken your fancy online. We’ll amalgamate your thoughts into a new set of drawings – sometimes two, if you’re still considering a couple of alternatives. It’s all included in the price.

Once you have decided upon a chosen design it makes sense that you get quotes from builders of your choice. If everything is within budget we’d then be looking at making a planning application, but if it happens that you would prefer further amendments in order to meet a specific price from the selected builder we’ll do those too. All part of our service. Depending on the design you finally decide upon we’ll either recommend that we make a pre-planning application in order to seek advice from the local planning authority or we’ll go straight to a full planning application. Our time for co-ordinating and negotiating on your behalf with the planning authority is included in our quote.

You will need Building Regulations details so your builder knows exactly how to build the new extension/s and the best way to carry out the internal remodelling so the work complies with current Building Regulations. We will provide this information for you, which will be accompanied by structural calculations from a structural engineer and, sometimes, SAP calcs from an energy assessor.

We are able to recommend suitable professionals if this helps; external specialists are payable by the client. Building Control will check and approve all the details and once construction commences a building inspector will make key stage inspections that will ultimately lead to a completion certificate that confirms the work meets current Building Regulations.

Key differences between 2D line drawings and our 3D full colour computer modelling drawings:

In summary, if it is important to you that you make an informed decision about your house renovation or extension project having considered a range of exciting and innovative options, you would really benefit from Ecclesall Design’s thoughtful, creative, 3D full colour computer modelling design service.

Check out our portfolio and reviews to see what we’ve done for other clients or pick up the phone for a chat about our services. We would love to hear about your project!

2D architectural line drawings

Ecclesall Design’s 3D full colour computer modelling drawings

Just lines that attempt to represent reality, difficult to understandImmediate understanding with colourful computer-generated image (CGIs).
Only the building in question, taken in isolationShow the surrounding buildings to create a real context
Difficult to understand and open to (mis)interpretationEasy to understand exactly what is proposed
Hard to appreciate the sizes of roomsShow indicative furniture such as kitchen appliances, sofas, beds, wardrobes etc to give scale
Open to mistakes by the builder when quotingThe builder can see exactly what is expected so can quote accurately
Lead to conflict once building work startsBuilding work progresses smoothly as everyone knew from the outset what was expected
Cost less but ultimately can lead to costly mistakes and compromiseCost more but the difference is only a fraction of the finished build cost


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