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Land Law and Planning Applications

Our intention, at Ecclesall Design, is to always bring ‘added value’ services to our clients. We have a certain amount of in-house expertise and knowledge of Land Law issues such as planning blight, restrictive covenants, ransom strips and Rights of Way and are always happy to assist wherever possible. However, we are not solicitors. We work closely with experts in this field, and are very willing to recommend an expert solicitor who could help a client with the legal issues that will, hopefully, result in land upon which a successful Planning Application can later take place.

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Planning Blight

‘Planning Blight’, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is, “a situation in which you are unable to sell your house or other property because a road or airport, etc. is possibly going to be built near to it”.

If this is something that concerns you, please ask us. We may well be able to help.

Restrictive Covenants

We recently were instrumental in removing a covenant restricting land use to horse grazing. After our combined efforts, we were able to obtain planning permission for 24 houses on a plot of land that had previously been restricted to horse grazing. The uplift in value was from around £40,000 to a development with a GDV of over £4m. 

If you have a plot of land burdened with a restrictive covenant, please ask us for advice.

Land Law Restrictive Covenant Ecclesall Design
Land Development Ransom Strip Ecclesall Design

Land Law and Ransom Strips

A potential client recently approached us to redesign a small development on which a previous architect had designed a scheme of 20 houses. As soon as we looked at the Site Plan, we noticed a small strip of land at – and going across – the entrance to the site, marked ‘Ransom Strip’. Upon questioning, it became apparent that the client had not realised the potential cost of purchasing the ransom strip from the current owner. He felt that as it was ‘such a small piece of land’ it should be sold to him for minimal cost. This is not how a ‘ransom strip’ works! The price required by the owner, had indeed they been inclined to sell, would probably be substantial and would quite possible have a significant impact on the perceived viability of the development.

If you suspect, or know, that you are dealing with – or own – a ransom strip, please do contact us as early as possible in proceedings.

Right of Way

A Right of Way can completely destroy your hopes of developing a particular piece of land. Alternatively, it can be dealt with in such a way as to have a minimum financial cost to you. Please get in touch now and ask us for advice.

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