Pricing for our architectural design services

How much are Ecclesall Design architectural fees?

If this is your first residential architectural design project – whether for a loft conversion, extension or home remodelling project – you are probably wondering how much architectural drawings cost.   

Our fees are in proportion to the complexity of your project and whether you choose 3D computer modelling or 2D line drawings. The amount we charge is based not only on the size and elaborateness of your existing house (a Victorian villa will take longer to draw than a modern ‘estate house’) but is also affected by the extent of the alterations required. We will of course provide you with a quotation for our services, which is based on your specific individual architectural requirements. 

You would pay any fee due to the planning authority, Building Control, structural engineer and other independent professionals if required.

There is information here about the difference between the 2D traditional line drawing service and the 3D full colour computer modelling service that we offer.

Prices for our commercial building projects are quoted on an individual basis as these types of project are always unique. Ecclesall Design has completed commercial building projects for hospitality venues, warehouse units and industrial factories.  

Our planning permission record

Ecclesall Design’s record is an unbeatable 100% success rate in achieving planning permission for our residential clients. We believe that what our clients expect, along with our attentive customer service and inspirational creativity, is drawings that actually receive planning permission (or a certificate of lawful development, if your project is permitted development). This is what we deliver. As individuals, we have worked together for around ten years and over that time period we have a 100% success rate in being granted planning permission for our residential extension clients. That’s an unbeatable record, and we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Only 72% of residential planning applications in England receive planning permission, according to the Government. This means that 28% of applicants – but not Ecclesall Design clients – receive the disappointing news that their planning application has been refused. Their architect, if they had one, may suggest that in return for an additional fee they will have ‘another go’ with new drawings. This takes time and, yes, money.

Ecclesall Design will consult with an independent professional specialist if necessary whilst compiling a quote for a new client as we are keen to maintain our fantastic track record. Before quoting for a new project, we conduct research into the viability of the proposed works that might include consulting with a structural engineer, planning consultant, heritage specialist or building inspector; our prices reflect this level of care and integrity in providing outstanding value for money for the service we offer.

If we do not believe the intended project is likely to be granted planning permission we will break the disappointing news to the enquirer, with our reasons. A recent homeowner, after hearing our opinion, then asked if we could recommend a different architect, one who would be more likely to provide an optimistic verdict. Our response was that if he were to phone around we were sure he would find someone who would be more than happy to provide drawings, but that our advice as regards the likelihood of obtaining planning permission remained the same.

All we can offer to prospective clients is our track record as well as the many 5 star reviews we have from appreciative customers on various social media platforms which tell their own stories. We’ve been awarded a number of completely unsolicited awards for our customer service and architectural designs over the last few years; none of the companies has ever benefitted from any payment from us as a result of the award, neither before nor after the award has been made.

Check out our portfolio on the website and see if the quality of our creative architectural drawings is what you’re looking for. Drop us a quick email and we’ll send you our latest Design Portfolio that not only includes images but also text that sets out the rationale behind our designs. Remember that we have 100% success record in achieving planning permission for our clients.

Your project and our architectural design service

We are mindful that every project has a budget. Every design option that we present to you during the presentation meeting will be approximately within your build budget. We will work with you to fine tune your designs until we have exactly the internal layout and external appearance that you hope to achieve.

If we feel your ideal design outcome is a little ambitious from a planning point of view, we might recommend a pre-application enquiry of the local planning authority. That costs you £85 or thereabouts paid to the planning authority; our time is for free as we want to be sure that the actual planning application is capable of receiving planning permission or whether it should be revised slightly in order to meet with approval.

Once you have obtained quotes from builders for the accepted design (we can recommend partner builders) if you find you’ve slightly over-stretched your budget we will work with your builder to revise the drawings, at no extra cost, so you meet your budget. Sometimes clients choose to carry out the work in two phases; that’s not a problem and we will gladly provide drawings that show how the work could be split into different stages. Our aim is to leave you, our client, with a set of architectural design drawings that you love and that meet your budget using the builder of your choice.

We provide Building Regulation details, checked and approved by Building Control. We are happy to recommend to you other professionals whose input is required such as structural engineers, SAP calc providers etc.

Our partner builders are available to provide quotes for the building work that will include an element for Ecclesall Design to provide ongoing project management and coordinate the day-to-day issues with you, our client, so you can confidently leave all the management of your project in our hands.

The internet has information about architects’ fees being for example 10% of the finished building cost. Ecclesall Design’s approach is that our quotes are based on the individual nature of the project; for a larger extension project our fees would not be anywhere near 10% of the project cost. Our aim is to be competitive for every client. Our fees are bespoke for each project depending on the complexity and the time involved. We understand that no two proposals are the same; each property will have their own challenges and opportunities and it is our responsibility to price our services accordingly.

The price we quote is the price you will pay, including any VAT. We initially quote for the architectural design fee which includes the planning application and subsequent Building Regulations. Our partner builders will then be available to provide a quote for constructing your project, and their price includes our services in coordinating and managing the project. If you already have a builder in mind that’s absolutely fine.

Some of our recent new build house and house extension projects

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