Project Management

Leave your project in capable hands

Whether you are planning to build a residential or commercial property, chances are you haven’t had the chance to manage a lot – if any – projects before. That’s why we are pleased to offer a project management service that can make the whole process much easier for you, either independently or to our existing clients.

You can choose between a fixed-price quote or a per-visit rate along with an hourly fee, depending on your needs and requirements. Our project management services are available to both existing clients and those who’d like to get their project moving faster and more smoothly.

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Managing Your Project Is An Involved and Personalised Process

The project management service we offer is tailored to specifically to you, which is why we always recommend that you fit this fee into your project’s budget.

As with all other steps involved in your project, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from the beginning is the best way to save money in the long run.

Our Project Management Services Include:

  • Drawing up a tender document which will include full plans and a full or partial specification of materials used, such as kitchen fittings, doors, and plumbing items.
  • Obtaining quotes from a range of builders based on the tender documents. Our experience with running construction companies ensures you can avoid confusion and unforeseen costs with items that a builder may not have mentioned.
  • Access to shortlisted builder’s previous projects so you can personally assess the workmanship and have an opportunity to chat with their other clients.
  • Advising on Party Wall Act notices and a recommendation to a trustworthy Party Wall Act surveyor with whom we have worked closely in the past.
  • Negotiating a ‘key stage’ building schedule with the builder. Though delays may sometimes be unavoidable due to unforeseen events like extreme weather, we can identify and resolve them with reasonable time extensions.
  • Providing fair and equitable solutions for builder-client relations, such as reassuring builders of their financial security before they commit to the construction schedule and invest in costly materials and manpower.
  • Advising as to the necessary warranties/certificates to be supplied such as for damp proofing, roofing, security/fire systems, electrical and gas plumbing work and ensure that the chosen builder will be able to supply these.
  • Checking the insurance documents of the builder and their validity. No-one wants a part-completed roof to blow off in a storm and land on a neighbour’s car only to find that the builder’s insurance has expired and they have disappeared.
  • Monitoring the building work on behalf of our client. Some builders may attempt to ‘cost engineer’ a job once their quote has been accepted; we are on hand to make sure that what the client expected is what they actually get.
  • Working closely with all the Building Control organisations such as the local authority (LABC) and making sure that the formal Key Stages inspections are carried out and approved as required by law as these are vital for the completion certificate.
  • Involving us in the project as much or as little as you would like. Most of our clients choose a weekly visit as we have found that, once builders know we are actively involved, they tend to keep in contact and allow us to solve potential issues.
  • Aiding you in researching various parts of your project’s design such as specific baths, doors, and colour schemes as needed.
  • Advising you in how to achieve the ‘wow factor’ with interior design in your finished project. Our years of experience can help you spot those tiny little differences that separate the ‘good’ from the ‘perfect’.
  • Carrying out ‘snagging’ with you prior to completing the final payment to the builder. That way, you can sort out any little thing that needs to be rectified without incurring unforeseen costs.
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Work Completion

Our work will be completed once you are ready to sign our completion certificate and all the warranties and other certificates are done and safely stored away.

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