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Ecclesall Design offers urban design services for complex projects such as land developments, industrial conversions and projects that are located in conservation or other prominent areas.

The success of any architectural project always depends on the robust and creative ideas that allows the new structures to tie in with the environment and creates new better qualities that the site hasn’t delivered before. Attention to the surrounding urban context can often provide a whole new range of solutions that justify sustainable and responsible design features. Thoughtful decisions in architectural design can add quality and value to your property and we can help you to achieve that using our skilled methods in urban design.

Our urban design service provides the thorough assessment of the site and its surroundings and produces architectural design framework that can be implemented in further project stages ensuring that the whole project retains common vision and qualities that are only achieved if all parts of the project work together.

This service contains three main stages: urban analysis, concept and phased implementation plan. The results provide knowledge and understanding of the site and determine thoughtful architectural design at later project stages. Urban design should be the first stage of any complex project.

Urban Analysis Development Ecclesall Design

Urban Analysis

All thoughtful decisions require trusted and sufficient information to be based on and our skilled team will perform urban analysis to gather the relevant data and determine values, opportunities, risks and constraints of the project site and location.

The urban analysis is performed on different aspects particular to each project and addressing relevant issues such as natural environment, transport and access, public space links, urban morphology, visual impact, historical development and much more.

The results of the analysis highlight the qualities and drawbacks of the site which could then be addressed by concept proposals at the further stage.

Urban Design Phase Implementation

Often projects are expected too complex or too costly to be done at once. Therefore, it’s a common practice to divide it into separate implementation phases. This allows to break down the project into smaller scale steps that could be done one by one once the required resources are available.

It is important to determine the right sequence of the phases so that the development could function appropriately even if the remaining phases have not yet started. Our thoughtful team is always ready to help with this matter.

Urban Architectural Development Ecclesall Design

Urban Design Concept

The Urban design concept is the principal image of the project that is based on the results of urban analysis and determines the design framework for each part of the project. This allows securing that the overall idea would not be disrupted by the individual approach in implementation phases.

Our team would create the urban concept that addressed the results of the analysis and proposes plat to move forward. This stage is the essential part of the project that determines the most fundamental parameters: Where and what kind of the structures should be built? How they work together as a whole? How is the site integrated into the surrounding environment? And, most importantly, what should be the design guidelines and requirements for each part of the project that secures the fruition of the project vision.

Urban Architecture Development Ecclesall Design
Urban Architecture Ecclesall Design

At this stage, the urban design concept proposals are verified based on the effect to different aspects of the site and its surroundings. This helps to understand which issues have been addressed and if any further improvement is necessary, for example: how proposed structures affect the local townscape? how surrounding natural elements are used to increase the appeal of the property,? How fluently people and transport would access the site? How signs of the past could be used to preserve the identity of the place?

Once the concept is approved we would provide an architectural design framework for each part of the project that specifies the relevant requirements assuring that the overall project idea would be retained. Finally, once the concept is agreed and design framework prepared, a project is ready to move to architectural design stage which we are proud to offer.

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